The list of changes is pretty long:
Mod could show up a few days ago if there weren't bad optimized for version o"playable" ...
To play without mistakes need to create a new game because the old saves game doesn't working with.
Full list of changes:
- Changed the movement speed and attack speed(few %)
- Changed all bags for items of horse(20-50 more)
- 3 skill points per level gives us the opportunity to develop fully,
not only point-like vanilla (The same problem was in The Witcher 2)
- Replacement of 90% of all schematics to create the objects and their spreading
- From now you can use crossbows as a fully-balanced(basic) weapons
- The entire skill tree has been rebalanced (balanced gameplay)
- Added slots for runes in crossbows(i tested it for now )(max 2 slots)
- Changed all the sings attributes(mostly increased)
- Changed all the trophies (they are now unique individually, it is also my personal content)
- Increased level of difficulty(20% to 40%)
- Changed the number of possible uses of signs at one time (4-5 uses)
- From now witcher is able to run and not run for 3 seconds now he is more durable ...(now like 10)
- The same of swimming,our witcher now is much more durable(the same)
- Changed levels of mutagens and slots(like every lv or two unlock)
- Now the equipment is better and the best is dependent on luck as yet nothing is static,
nothing is 2 times the same so why do equipment have the same stats
- It is quite a high resolution between the best and worst weapon of the same name
- Almost all of items attributes had changed(mostly increased but too reduced)
- Changed the leveling curve(faster leveling)
- From now bolts are now more deadly and more useful
- Changed the schematics for bolts(easier crafting)
- Changed damage from signs(increased by 10-20%)
- Changed the duration of signs(inceased by 20-100%)
- Changed the amout of damage absorbed by sign Quen(at start 1 hit)
- Changed stats of runes(increased 10-40%)
- Changed the value of received items from monsters(+20-200% more)
- Changed the chances of finding items(+10-30%)
- Balanced relics damage and attributes is now lotery(+10-30%)
- Added lotery from 0 to 50 % for armor and armor elements
- Added lotery from 0 to 200% to Relics weapons
(Now it pays to load the game to get the sword again he may have a better stats)
- Changed oils stats(+10-20% )
- Changed traps stats(+20-30%)
- Changed potions stats(+30-50%)
- Changed bombs damage(very)
- Changed effects of signs(increased much)
- Changed the special ability effects from monsters(+20-30%)
- Now u can be a Witchmag from my last mod if u wish too(dont need fighting by swords)
- You can also play by crossbows and bombs only
- Bombs now is something beatifull
- This mod will give you a great time and you may really enjoy this modification,
because it changes almost every aspect of the game
- Changed stats of mutagens(+20-50%)
- And more more more let me suprise U xD
Modification in no way takes the fun from the game and in no way crash the balance of the game,
may on the high levels and the form of playing at a low level difficulties,
prove that there will be no challenge,
but modification is addressed to people who not playing on the lowest difficulty levels,
although these have been in this modification changed too :)
Recommends the game for this modification at hard or ultra-hard counting from 1-4.
I wish you fun.




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