Project Witchmag was created to have more fun to play as Witcher no as warrior,but as powerfull battle mag dangerous in close combat like on distance because of his speed and contr-attacks.


Full list of changes is quite long:
- All of changes list is quite long:
- Full signs rebalanced,signs now are faster,bigger and much more deadly
- Full crafting rebalanced
- Increased stash to 1250(U can think i'm crazy but it's very fast to get 1250...)
- The basic HP level doubled(giving only higher chance to survive on start of the game)
- High endurance regen and high HP rengen on start of game
- Chance to bleed,poision and knockdown target increased(few %)
- Toxity is good (added new effects to poisioning ex higher chance to instant kill and increased damage when Geralt is poisioned)
- All skills increased
- Auto contr-attack when we are pressing block and enemy aren't around us and we having place for do it - Almost deadly contr-attacks
- Bonus for the damage for undead and human
- Bonus to instant killing enemy
- Shops now are having much ingridients
- Better damage with throw weapons
- Added chance to received mutagens when u create potions and addded chance to get mutagens
- Toxity reduced in time (U dont need to meditate)
- Traps now are cheaper
- Very quickly battles with the signs


Project Witchmag


Projekt Witchmag (Projekt wiedźmag 2 wersja z 3)

Without bonuses,without chance for instant kill,without auto riposte,less hp

Projekt Wiedźmag - without stash(bez udźwigu)

Without bonuses,same HP,no bigger stash,few % to instant kill,riposte 1/4 to kill enemy,no auto contr-attack



NemezisMod to modyfikacja zmieniająca diametralnie rozgrywkę (około 85% kodu gry).
This is the greatest mod ever made to the Witcher 3 from me,modded was 85% of the files.
The mod was created tens of hours so I hope that u will enjoy it.
Just uploading new versions and new content to have more fun with
Największy mod który zrobiłem,zmieniłem 85% około..
Mod zabiera naprawdę dużo czasu,uaktualniam go gdy tylko mam nowe pomysły

NemezisMod NemezisMod

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